Yebiga Rakija PRVA

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While different regional fruits can be used in rakija production, the most iconic in Serbia is made from plums, and called “sljivovica (i.e. slivovitz). In a very orthodox sense, Yebiga “PRVA” (trans: “first”) is a classic, barrel-aged sljivovica. PRVA is made exclusively from the local indigenous plum, hand-picked in the region of Kraljevo, central Serbia where the farm and distillery is located. 

We age PRVA at the farm for a minimum of 18 months in Serbian "quercus petraea" oak (harvested from local forests), the resulting pale, sun-yellow hue of the PRVA and the delicate notes of plum, vanilla, honey and blackcurrant. Your introduction starts with floral aromas, giving way to a hint of spice and citrus on the front palate, followed by round, forward notes of plum, vanilla and deep baking fruit at the finish. 

And like many “slivovitz”, PRVA is Kosher. While rakija has been available commercially for some time, Yebiga is a game changer in terms of quality, and the highest quality expression of rakija that you will find in the States. Sip and savor the balance and warmth, it makes a great accompaniment for charcuterie, cheeses, cigars or a good book.  LIMITED SUPPLY!

This is the best slivovitz you’ve never had. Best served neat, room temperature or slightly chilled. 

Appearance:  clear, polished gold

Nose: fresh pine notes with floral aromas

Taste: typical fruit, spicy with light body

Finish:  long, with hint of citrus and vanilla 



ABV: 43.0%

Yebiga Rakija PRVA

Yebiga Rakija PRVA

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