Mezcal Verde Amarás

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Mezcal Verde Amarás is a gamechanger, inviting new consumers into the mezcal category through a disruptive proposal. It is a high-quality mezcal that respects Amarás' holistic cycle “From seed to Sip”, crafted with the same artisanal methods using 8-year-old agave Espadín.
40% Alc. Vol.

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Agave: Espadín (A. angustifolia)
Región: Tlacolula, Oaxaca
Growth period: 8 years
Oven type: Conical stone
Mill type: Egyptian
Cooking wood: Ocote, oak and pirul
Fermentation vats: Pine wood
Still type: Copper


On the nose: Gentle and sweet jasmine with an herbal hint.
On the palate: Intense smoky notes of cooked agave with small touches of spice.
Finish: Sweet caramel notes.

ABV: 43.0%

Mezcal Verde Amarás

Mezcal Verde Amarás

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