El Cajon

If you’re on the hunt for the best El Cajon liquor store around, then you’ve found it. Buy My Liquor’s El Cajon locations are the ideal place to get superior drinks, service, and affordability. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing liquor store experience. We have all the drinks you could be after.

And we offer specialty services like glass bottle etching to top things off. Other stores around can’t hold a candle to everything we offer. Check out what makes our stores the best places to shop for alcohol in El Cajon.

Why We’re the Best


If you can think of a drink, no matter how obscure, odds are we can get it for you. If it’s not in our already massive inventory, then we can probably get it shipped in within a day. Either way, you’ll be getting your hands on that favorite drink of yours in no time. It’s part of our commitment to outstanding service. And it’s part of what makes us the best El Cajon liquor stores you can find.


The best drinks don’t have to cost the most. We implement a competitive pricing module on our inventory that allows for drink prices to remain reasonable for you. That way, you don’t have to let cost keep you from enjoying your favorite drink. Or you have the flexibility to mix it up with new drinks. With more affordable products, that’s more power to you. Of course, if you’re looking for rare top shelf bottles, we have those, too!


It isn’t just our drinks that are the best among El Cajon liquor stores. Our staff is unbeatable as well. We ensure our hires are industry experts, capable of finding you the perfect drink. They’ll cater specifically to you. Just let them know your tastes, and they’ll set you up with something amazing. And, you can easily contact us on-site or online for any issues.


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