Canadian Club Chronicles 42 Year Old Whisky

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A stunning follow-up to a new classic, premium, Canadian dram.

Canadian Club wasn’t invented in Canada. The Whisky that would come to be known as Canadian Club was invented at a Detroit distilling company — Gooderham and Worts — in 1858Hiram Walker was making cider Whisky from the back of his grocery store nearby and saw the potential, so the two companies merged.

When Prohibition arrived, Walker picked up the entire operation and moved it across the lake — just across the Canadian boarder — and changed the product name to what it is now. He even built an entire town called Walkerville so that his employees could live near the new plant. Great story right? Now owned by Beam Suntory, they stay focused on their popular range of Whiskies.

How often do normal mortals like us get the opportunity to sample a dram of anything this old?

Canadian Club Chronicles Issue no.2 is nothing like the normal Canadian Club Whisky. Nicknamed “The Dock Man,” this dram is a follow-up in their prestigious series of releases called CC Chronicles. It’s a limited edition of blended Canadian Club Whisky barreled in 1977 and bottled in 2019 — making the Spirit a full 42 years old. It is married with a bit of Cognac, Sherry, and 100% Rye blended in the Whisky for a completely different experience.

Canadian Club Chronicles 42 Year Old Whisky

Canadian Club Chronicles 42 Year Old Whisky

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